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Welcome to My Journal


Please note that at one time there were 30 completed journal Chapters but the server that contained them closed while I was offline and I lost everything. My hard drive also crashed during this time so my copy of the original site is gone also. I am rewriting the journal entries as I have the time. So with college, work, and kids it is a slow process so please be patient. This will always be an expanding site!!!

I am reconstructing my Journals... the Past no longer haunts me and I thnk it's time to move on. so I am taking down the old and moving on. I will make new entries as time permits.

The pages that follow this contain snap shots of my life. I pull no punches. I ask for no sympathy. I hope for understanding. I hope to give you a clear view of my life of the path that I have followed sometimes by choice, but usually by force. Whether it be by the force of my own demons or the force of a fist. This is not a site created for children. If you are under 18 please have your parents go through this site with you.

There are circumstances in these pages that are not appropriate for kids... I will always put a splash page before such chapters allowing kids to move on to something else. At worst I would put a PG-13 rating on anything in the site. Please pay attention to what your children do on the Internet... there are things way worse than my site your children can stumble upon.


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